Top 4 Secrets To Starting a Successful YouTube Channel

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    I wanted to share the core principals that I believed helped me gain over 41 THOUSAND subscribers in just under a year!

    1.) Just Start

    Actually uploading your first video is probably the most difficult step in starting a successful YouTube channel.

    Starting something new is always scary and difficult but the pay off can be tremendous.

    I uploaded my first YouTube video on a Tuesday evening.

    I had filmed it almost a month earlier and had been apprehensive about posting it.

    In a matter of days it had over 18,000 views and I had gained hundreds of subscribers.

    This video was far from perfect.

    The aspect ratio was off, so there were black bars above and below the video and the lighting was not very good, but this was the video that started PrettyLittleFro.

    2) S.



    Understanding SEO, or search engine optimization.

    I could create an entire post about this subject, and I probably will! Search engine optimization, means to optimize your videos and all your online content, for search-ability.

    Every piece of content you put online is ranked by Google and other search engines to determine what shows up in someones search results and what doesn't.

    The title, content, and tags are all used when ranking content.

    Make sure to use highly searched terms in your title, tags and video description.

    All these things will help your video get ranked higher in search engines.

    3.) Know Your Audience

    This is another HUGE factor in what will make your YouTube channel successful and what won't.

    You want to create videos and content your audience wants to see, this will result in more views and more subscribers.

    Knowing your audience will give you great insight into knowing what type of content you should be producing!

    4.) Lighting!

    Whether you use your phone camera, a dslr, or a point and shoot, having quality lighting will up the overall quality of your videos 100 fold! 

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